Beverly Hills, California

Feels great to be back

Rodeo Drive

Stateside. About 20 hours of flying, lots of walking and plenty of jet lag later I am close to spent. Flying the A380 non-stop was superb, and went by very smoothly.

Plane ride was great; with fortunately no dramas to report. Well, there was one rather funny story that played out when I felt the urge to rid myself of the champagne, gin and scotch I had consumed earlier on in the morning (Damn you Duty Free samples!). In a usual twist of fate I found myself in a position, like many travellers, where I was far too comfortable and much too lazy to get up. When I eventually did, I stood over the toilet of the A380 and took aim… DING-DONG. The all too familiar sound of the captain’s paging system – announcing forthcoming turbulence and to immediately return to your seats and fasten seatbelts. Shit. Why do these unlikely scenario always seem to happen to me? Over the course of the next 30 seconds what ensued seemed like a cross between Luna Park and SeaWorld. Dizziness, and a raft of fluid going in all different directions.

The rest of the journey continued without anything too eventful. An interesting point to note was just how busy the World seems to be. To my right, a gentelemen in his late forties; hardwired into his laptop the entire ride, stopping only for the odd glass of water or to read a chapter out of his book. I wasn’t quite sure what he was working on, although occasional glances revealed powerful words like strategy, recovery, and growth. The same was to be said about another man in front of me. I too pulled out my laptop; rather disconcertingly, and fired up Transformers. I’m sure the gentleman to my right was thrilled.

Landing in to LAX was easy and the cab ride into The Hills took about 15 minutes; the scenery changes very quickly and you are immediately transported into what feels like a town within a town; sort of like the Vatican but with less Priests and more plastic surgeons.

Wilshire Blvd

Beverly Hills is in as many ways as therapeutic as a beach holiday. This is, put simply, just due to the way life exists here. It’s certainly a far cry from the hustle and bustle of downtown L.A., of which I won’t see during my 2 day stay here. The grass is certainly greener, people seem genuinely happier, and of course the air of wealth seems to emanate from everything; from the spectacular display of cars you see at every street light down to the magnificent high door mansions you see that seem straight out of a rom-com. To me, that pretty much sums up what Beverly Hills is all about. It’s like you are, for the duration of your stay, featuring in some sort of surreal movie; it’s what you envisage as an Australian what life must be like in the United States based on what you see on TV. I love it.

Bugatti on Rodeo Drive

Via Rodeo

Rodeo Fountain

So day one is officially down, and I am officially pooped. We had a magical dinner tonight at Sotto; will share the story tomorrow. Apologies for the convoluted day one post, but its past midnight and on my diet of jet lag and sleeping tablets I am in desperate need of a nights sleep!


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