Hotel: Las Ventanas al Paraiso, Los Cabos, Mexico

From the moment

You transcend the stairs at Los Cabos luxurious and expansive hotel ‘Las Ventanas al Paraiso’ you know this is Mexico’s gift to quality accommodation. The location, known as Los Cabos because of its 2 major towns Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo has been a major tourist destination for Americans because of its proximity. It lies on the Baja peninsula, essentially California’s Mexican appendage and only a couple of short hours away by plane from LAX.

Cabo San Lucas

Upon arrival, its apparent service is paramount here and the staff throughout your entire stay will prioritise any and all of your requests. Upon leaving the airport at San Jose del Cabo, we were greeted by our transport; a lovely man called Carlos who picked us up in the incredibly chic Mercedes Benz G class of military-esque SUVs.

Buildings are a traditional Mexican affair

The architecture here is a medley of stone, sand, and flora with nary an agave plant out of place. The rooms are set in close proximity to the hotels private beach, and the feeling of serenity is all but present the moment you reach the back towards the ocean.

Las Ventanas

The rooms, vary from standard suites to ones nestled by the pools adjacent to the beach (Of which there are many situated throughout the hotel).

Rooms with a view

The rooms themselves; are all class. From the limestone floor to the marble  bathrooms the rustic style suits are put together perfectly and the luxury amendments take nothing away from the overall elegance and tradition of the design.

The sink in an Ocean-front Suite

Another fantastic touch, is the fireplace which I’m sure would see some use here in Winter as the nights can get quite cold. More importantly, directly in front is an empty oil burner. Each night you can select from the myriad scents that range from ‘Romantic’ to ‘Calming’ and the maid will have it burning in time for your return from dinner.

The Fireplace

Completing the amenities in the room include a wonderful shower, and toiletries by Bvlgari.

The Showers

Toiletries by Bvlgari

When you’ve seen enough indoors, slide back the doors to the magnificent outdoor setting and immediate proximity to one of the many infinity pools situated next to the sand (For Ocean-front Suites).

Outdoor setting and proximity to pool

They are literally steps away and each night what feels like a relaxation app on full volume is really actually the calming waves crashing to shore. Disappointingly, wild currents and heavy undertow mean the ocean is for viewing pleasure only, but with the pools as good as they are its really a non-issue.

Pools are plentiful.

When you are hungry, you can whet your palate at one of the three restaurants on offer: The Restaurant, serves more upmarket (and to me too overworked) Mexican fare. The Sea Grill (our preferred) serves classic Mexican and American dishes in a more relaxed settings, and the Tequila Sushu y Cerviche bar is as its name suggests.

The Sea Grill

With meals, Las Ventanas al Paraiso (LVP) serve up their daily concoction of fresh breads out of the Sea Grill’s wood oven. From standard white to chorizo, to herb, to mole they have something different each day.

LVPs daily bread

To complement these LVP has their own selection of infused oils; chilli, herbs and  assorted spices all remain on hand and ready to go.

Selection of Infused Oils

Ordering off the menu is easy, with common classics such as cerviche, tacos and various freshly prepared meats on hand. What is fun though, is asking staff for any of your bespoke requests as if it is possible; they will make it. I asked for pulled pork carnitas tacos out of their suckling pig, which was made in a flash.

Pork Carnitas

All in all, the Sea Grill makes your stay at LVP memorable as you dine on Mexican classics on the forefront of the beach sipping on your beverage of choice. Mine happens to be Pacifico, but our lovely waiter had no problems suggesting alternatives for us to try and I’m pretty sure I tried most of Mexico’s offerings.

Corona at The Sea Grill

Above all, LVP represents as its name suggests the window to paradise – Well worth the trip if you are touring the Continental United States. Families are welcome, but make this a love affair.

Las Ventanas ai Paraiso
Km 19.5 ctra. Transpeninsular, San José del Cabo, Baja California Sur 23400, Mexico


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