Lucia, Dallas TX

Finding true…

Authentic pasta in the USA might not seem like an overly difficult task, but in Texas of all places you might be in for a challenge. Dallas more so because it’s what i’d consider the Adelaide of Australia (With Austin/Houstin being Melbourne/Sydney) in terms of being a lot less built up. For you see; Texas-fare is steak – as you’d expect for a state with more cowboys-per-capita than anywhere else on Earth. Weary of this, I went to Twitter and Texas local Alfonso Cevola kindly gave me some suggestions on where to eat: Lucia was on that list.

Needless to say we made our reservations (proprietor Jennifer was kind enough to take our reservation over email and pass onto our hotel) for our final night and made the trek over to Oak Cliff. On that note, if you do Taxi there make sure you bring a map – Of the two taxis we took there (The first we made bring us back to our hotel after it was clear he was the brainchild of Stevie Wonder and Andrea Bocelli) neither had any idea where ‘West Eighth Street’ was. Nevertheless, Jennifer kindly understood our delay, welcomed us and we sat down to enjoy.

I didn’t take enough notes for a proper review (Was still a little peeved at the taxi service), but nevertheless this was to me a very fond experience and we sat down to a great meal and even better service. It’s probably unlikely you’ll ever be in Dallas (short of DFW); but if you are and pasta is on the agenda, try and be lucky enough to snag a reservation at Lucia.

Champagne Aubry

Boscarelli Vino Nobile di Montepulciano

Budeletti with pancetta and dandelions

Potato gnocchi with arugula pecan pesto and pecorino

Lamb chops and sweetbreads with ceci, swiss chard and mint salsa verde

The Ceci

Pistachio and ricotta cannoli with whipped lemon curd and rhubarb

Bomboloni with chocolate budino, banana puree, hazelnuts and coffee

Toasted polenta cake with crème fraiche sorbetto, Texas blueberries & lemon balm

408 West Eighth St, Suite 101, Oak Cliff, Dallas TX, USA 
Lucia on Urbanspoon


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