Burger and Barrel, New York, NY

Almost 24 hours…

of airport + airplane time later, and even if looking like an extra from The Walking Dead I managed to touch down in New York City. And what better company to be in than with my gorgeous girlfriend Lydia for 2 weeks of culinary adventures in the United States.

Night One, and not a couple of hours after arriving fresh from a MEL->LAX->JFK we arrived at our SoHo destination for night one: The chic and hip bar Burger and Barrel.

In the mood for some New Yorker fare we hauled our jetlagged butts down and sat down to their signature burger; The Bash.

Bash Burger at Burger and Barrel

This glorious concoction of soft brioche, american cheese, medium-rare patty, pickles, special sauce and their delightful onion/bacon jam hit the spot unlike anything other. I’ve had some good Melbourne buns lately, but these burgers made them look like childs play, and the onion rings and fries that played supporting actress sealed the deal

Fries at Burger and Barrel

Onion Rings at Burger and Barrel

Coney Island Mermaid

A glass of champagne and a rather delightful New York beer later and we were very content. We made it back to our hotel (A nice half mile walk back) and watched the Mets close out the Braves on ESPN; content with making it this far and eager to hit the ground running tomorrow morning. That’s all for tonight, as I struggle to string these sentences together we await a busy day tomorrow.

If you’re ever in SoHo and looking for an unmissable burger; B&B will leave you very, very satisfied.

Burger and Barrel
25 W Houston, New York NY
Burger & Barrel on Urbanspoon


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