NYC Day 1

Today in New York City

was simply breathtaking. The weather was a magical 31 degrees, and with the sun out and a nice breeze we clocked just over 7 miles (11km) of walking for the day – enough to not make me feel guilty about eating out here (Not that I would anyway!). It started off with a refreshing 10:30am stroll to Chelsea Markets, which from our end of SoHo was a leasurly 1.8mi walk each way. The landscape was jaw dropping. This area of land that bridges SoHo and the Meatpacking district laden with small, incredibly lush and pretty side streets, and a mecca of shops along great roads such as Avenue of the Americas and Hudson St.

Chelsea Market

Chelsea Market was an incredibly hip underground shopping complex devoted to all things food. From ace cafes to fresh bakeries and incredible home-wares this place had it all.

Inside Chelsea Market

Inside we stopped at Sarabeth’s bakery and I sat down to some special French Toast with apple cinnamon and fresh banana

French Toast at Sarabeth’s Bakery

From there we looked around, bought some souvenirs and trekked back to the hotel. In my moment of madness I had purchased a trio of organic dark chocolate, only to realise that walking around town in this sweltering heat was probably not the best way to preserve it to take home! So we put it in the minibar fridge, and took the subway (Took me 3 goes to get it right..) to Battery Park to see the Statue of Liberty. What a sight it was, and we took this moment to break the NYC hotdog deadlock

Hot dogs at Battery Park

We made short order of these, and begun the walk back to SoHo. The Financial District was a mecca of different cultures and Wall St was incredible.

NYC Financial District

We took a quick nap, and headed to Del Posto for dinner which was magnificent. Full write-up on that to follow in due course, but for now it’s another day down and loving every second!

G’night all!



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