Cupola, San Francisco C.A.

6 hours after..

our trans-America flight from East to West coast, we pulled into San Fran keen for nothing more than a quick fix. Knowing we had no idea about where to eat this late (3:30pm for lunch is pushing it anywhere) we decided to checkout the nearby Westfield Shopping Center to scout out some shops for the following day’s retail therapy. That’s when, purely by a stroke of luck, we came across Cupola. Shopping center pizza? No thanks. But, as we were walking past it when noticed the VPNA (Verace Pizza Napoletana Association) certificate on the wall, we thought ‘hey, what the hell.’ Wow, what pizza! I know pizzerias back home that would be embarrassed by these. Perfectly cooked, just the right thickness and optimal charring.

We had the Margherita Extra

Margherita Extra at Cupola

Which should realistically have been called just a standard ‘Margherita’ if you’re going by VPNA standards anyway. Great pizza and definitely hit the spot.

We followed it up with a Calabrese, which despite it’s name was only called so perhaps for a healthy dose of chilli paste to top the ricotta and tomato underneath.

Calabrese Pizza at Cupola

All in all a great meal, certainly by shopping center standards anyway. Cupola also has a slew of antipasti and pasta on the menu, and what I thought was a pretty decent selection on the wine list. Looking for decent pizza in San Francisco? Look no further.

Cupola Pizzeria Restaurant
Westfield Shopping Center 845 Market Street. San Francisco, CA.
Cupola Pizzeria on Urbanspoon


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