Don Pisto’s, San Francisco C.A.

Good Mexican..

Don Pisto’s – Image courtesy

I mean seriously good, mind-blowing Mexican is still something we are really bereft from in Melbourne. No, I don’t buy into Mamasita being God’s gift to Mexican but hey, if you like queing up for 2 hours for OK food then be my guest. Another recent visit to nearby Senoritas revealed another terrible experience with some seriously sub-par food. So, venturing off to South Beach tonight we thought we’d try a place very popular with the locals in a very cool  part of town. We arrived just on 10pm (A quaint 1 hour nap turned into 3), and with an approx. 30 minute wait we went for a stroll around the nearby Stockton St and seated just after 10:30. In the mood for some tacos (The first for the trip thus far), we sat down to a duo of carnitas and al pastor.

Carnitas and Al Pastor Taco’s – Image source

These were simply magical. At $9 for a plate of 2, each taco came suitable lined to the brim with ingredients which, in the case of the al pastor was grilled rib chop and pineapple and for the carnitas was arbol salsa, onions and cilantro. They were sat on a double taco base which esentially meant you had 4 tacos on the plate, incredible certainly from a value point-of-view. But the flavours were spot on, the meat cooked perfectly and everything just sang together like we had a band of mariachi playing on our tongues. While this would have been easily enough for 2 this late, we decided to try the poc chuc, a sort of take on bistecca fiorentina that saw a gigantic pork chop see a lick of dry rub and flame cooked to a tender medium-rare. We were supplied with steak knives, but didn’t need them as the meat was so tender it simply slipped away effortlessly.

Very content, we made the 1 mile journey home in preperation for tomorrow’s exploration. Don Pisto’s hit the mark in almost every regard. While it was a little too noisey to have any decent sort of conversation, let your tastebuds do the talking and brave the crowds for some delicious Mexican street fare.

Don Pisto’s
510 Union St, San Francisco, CA.
Don Pisto's on Urbanspoon


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