The Farm, Beverly Hills CA

I don’t usually..

blog about breakfast haunts. Not because I don’t frequent them, nor because I don’t enjoy them – it’s just i’m far too much a creature of habit when it comes to the first meal of the day. Must be because if i don’t get a decent fix first thing in the morning i’m pretty shattered for the rest of the day so I usually stick to what I know, and that’s hardly exciting writing. This time, however, we saw LA swelter through 95 degrees of pure heat, and we were keen to get a decent meal before the day was to begin. In our only breakfast for the stop here (A measly 1.5 days) we decided to check out The Farm, a rustic bakehouse on N Beverly Drive. The concept, as the name suggests, has been to serve up farm fresh organic produce in the 15 years the venue has been operating.

Walking in, I immediately new this wasn’t your typical pretentious, overhyped, overpriced Beverly Hills locale.

Inside The Farm, Beverly Hills

Simple decor, wooden floors and a sleuth of booths to one side created a great ambience, with no blaring music or rushy servers trying to get it you in, get you out. The menu changes several times daily with breakfast lunch and dinner and all in-between. For breakfast, a swag of egg dishes, mostly prominent with their assortment of omelettes reigns supreme, yet diners can also opt for traditional eggs with the usual accompaniments, or have them like we did, as blueberry pancakes with butter + maple syrup.

Blueberry Pancakes with sweetened butter and Vermont maple syrup

Hands down the best breakfast so far in the States. And, to be honest, we haven’t had a bad one yet. Why I hadn’t come here before during my visits I guess i’ll never know, but The Farm serves up decent portions (Not American size portions if that makes sense), and the decadence of flavour is not marred by the feeling you need to undo your belt just to finish. It was just perfect, the freshness of the blueberries inside and that oh-so-delectable maple/butter combo finished it off.

The Farm of Beverly Hills is ultimately one of those places you just have to drop in and see. There’s breakfast for all appetites and tastebuds with with quality, locally sourced and predominately organic fare. It’s a little piece of paradise in an all-together perfect neighbourhood.

The Farm of Beverly Hills
439 N Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills 90210 CA
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