Bar Ampere

In the mood…

For some comfort mood after getting my hair cut on the opposite side of town, I convinced G to make the driver from Templestowe to the CBD so we could try this little bar in Russell Pl. It’s funny, when I read about it being next door to Gin Palace i honestly had no idea where it was but if someone had of told me it was next door to Sarti it would have been more of a help!

Anyway in we went just after 9, and after a bit of a wait we tucked into our Biftek which we doubled down on (2 patties) and tucked in. The buttermilk bun was awesome, and whilst the burger was not mind-blowing it was certainly enjoyable none-the-less. Very, very juicy as can be evidenced from the below pic. If I can make one gripe, it’s get some f*cking french fries! It’s french themed, serving American burgers, so get some damn fries on there pronto!

Oh, and it has definitely got the most enjoyable bathroom tap of anywhere else in the CBD. I won’t ruin the surprise but check it out.

So, if you find yourself wandering the CBD in need of a burger fix its definitely worth checking out.

Burger at Bar Ampere

Bar Ampere
16 Russell Pl, Melbourne 3000
Bar Ampere on Urbanspoon


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