Belle’s Diner

Another Tuesday..

…Means another trip down burger lane. Or, more accurately, Gertrude St, where Belle’s Diner has been on our to-do list for a number of weeks. Put off by my usual loathing of no-bookings policies, we descended on the popular hipster street  amidst fantastic end-of-Spring weather and the hopes of a easy entry on a casual Tuesday night with minimal queues.

I must admit I’m not a massive fan of Gertrude St. I love the many eateries there, but don’t really love the flannel-wearing, overgrown beard-toting, over-opinionated extrovert hipsters that reside here. Nevertheless, an easy passage in saw us sat at one of the myriad booths set up along the windows in what is aimed at a casual (ergo the Diner name), get you in-and-out (No affiliation with the burger chain) and stuff you full of american classics, from wings to burgers and everything in-between.

Sitting down to the signature ‘Dinerr Burger’ we entertained a lush assortment of Wagyu patty, big hunk of pickle (perhaps a touch too big as J asserted) and the usual trimmings held together by a skewer and served with what has to be the finest burger fries in town right now. Shoestrings smothered in tangy dry rub which to my palate must have contained hints of paprika, cayenne pepper, salt and spice.

Dinerr Burger at Belle’s Diner

The seeded bun was delicious, a somewhat refreshing change from the usual sugary brioche fare and allowed us to consume the burgers with just the slightest reprieve from guilt. The patty was moist, juicy and nice and thick (Get your mind out of the gutter). Salad and cheese worked well and it was a lovely burger. Perhaps the only gripe can come from the megalo-pickle. It turned the burger into an ice-rink with things slipping and sliding all over the place – we ate it separately.

We loved the selection of condiments, also. With several to choose from they serve up all the American favourites – of particular note this little hot sauce number.

Get down to Belle’s; you won’t be disappointed.

Belle’s Diner
150-156 Gertrude St, Fitzroy
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