The Black Toro

It’s not often…

Black Toro. Image courtesy

You’re going to find me travelling out of the suburbs and away from the city for a meal out. Whilst I generally prefer suburban dining because of the fact that they are usually easier to get to and find a park, they are usually hit & miss at the best of times.

Well, last Saturday saw us take the proverbial punt and embark on a nice 30 min drive out to Glen Waverley to try what I honestly thought was Spanish themed food. Well, it turns out it’s classed as Hispanic, and, more specifically, dedicated Mexican as the majority of the menu would dictate.

So we sat down just after 6pm as L booked and were told we had to be out by 8. Perfect for us as we are the type to eat and bail and don’t typically hang around as it’s always onto the next adventure. Even at that hour, tables were hard to come by and I could tell it was going to be a cracker of a night. Well, that turned out to be true. We started with my all-time fav beer which I see has a new (parallel) importer.

Pacifico Clara

Went down a treat and was as good as ever. With this, and what seems like the perfect marriage came our opening dish of the night: Fresh grilled corn layered with chipotle impregnated mayo. Wow. People harp on about that other restaurant’s take on the dish (Which is outstanding) but this was honestly up there with the best we had ever eaten. Delicately layered, rich, and the chipotle may right up there with the finest California has to offer. And we didn’t have to queue for 2 hours to get it. Toasted Masa (dried corn) added a delightful crunch.

Chipotle Corn at Black Toro

From there we headed to the more Spanish-esque croquettes stuffed full of fluffy potato and chorizo. Mated to this was the most unique and flavoursome Manchego cheese foam I have ever tasted. A magnificent array of sweet, creamy potato, smokey chorizo and tangy Manchego.

Potato and Chorizo Croquettes w/ Manchego foam at Black Toro

Feeling like we had struck pay-dirt, we couldn’t possible think the meal could surpass the quality of the first two dishes. The surrounding shops are nondescript, predominantly second rate Asian influenced dump-heaps. And yet here was this unashamedly Mexican treasure-trove churning out dishes I haven’t had of this calibre being in Mexico.

Nevertheless, on came the sliders – Wagyu beef paired to a sweet brioche bun layered with jack cheese, onion and tomato relish. Another winner here, and after being to dedicated burger houses in Melbourne that fail to deliver to this level, it was a welcome change and even thought it was probably the weakest dish of the night still was still delightful. PS, have I told you how much I love jack cheese? Wish it wa more commercially available.

Wagyu Sliders at Black Toro

So, after these, the last of the “small” (Not quite sure how you can classify these as small as they definitely deliver for the money) dishes came in form of pulled pork tacos. Shredded cabbage and sour cream a welcomed alteration and worked fabulously. Having said that, I am more of a traditionalist and the way the American/Mexican tacos are often paired with sliced pineapple and more overtly sweet appeal to me more. Not to be put down though, these were well enjoyed.

Pulled pork tacos at Black Toro

After these we moved on to our one “main” of the night, irresistable vegetarian empanadas, or pockets of pastry filled with assorted vegetables. While the contents weren’t explicitly disclosed, our discerning palates uncovered refried beans, red caps and corn. The empananadas were so unique, almost screaming curry-puff flakey puff glued to the plate  with an irresistible spinach cream.

Vegetarian empanadas with spinach cream at Black Toro

Of course, no meal is complete without its sides, so we decided to try the Mexican rice pilaf.

Mexican rice pilaf at Black Toro

Great side, not much more to add. Rice was firm to the bite which is how I like it. Could have eaten kilo’s..

And that’s it. Usually we’d hang around for dessert, but as we realised we were getting perilously close to our cut off we decided to end it there and plan the return trip. I know it’s a little off the beaten track for most, but enjoy the hilly drive en route and grab the black bull by the horns.

The Black Toro
79 Kingsway Glen Waverley
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