Crabapple Kitchen

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At the Burwood end of Glenferrie Rd comes Crabapple Kitchen. Those familiar with the location will note it at the old Sara’s Pizzeria – which may not mean much to anyone but the business did operate for a number of years.

CK makes appropriate use of not a lot of space – Something that, it can be said, few others in the area manage to do without any disruption to either patrons or waitstaff. Whilst walking space is at a premium, there are seats about in the rear of the restaurant and while we were sat at the counter opposite the bar we had no problems with people moving around behind us. The staff, meanwhile, had extended room to manoeuvre in the bar area which meant service was speedy and efficient.

And, it has to be said, service was almost the highlight of the morning. Our waitress managed to read our minds when I couldn’t work out whether to go for the pancakes (Like L had ordered) or the ‘Jum and Bender Sarnie’, a delectable concoction of soft brioche, bacon, HP Sauce, aioli, roquette and an additional fried egg. “So..”, she said, “why not order one of each and split? The pancakes are a generous serving”. And so we did, and what a magnificent decision that was. Credit to the delightful waitress.

Coffees arrived first. It’s funny, back on a service thing, I was thinking to myself as we walked in ‘Waitstaff in cafes should take your order for coffees as you seat, as it’s not often you need to think about what coffee to order and I know myself when I walk into a breakfast setting I’m usually on the verge of caffeine-defficient homicidal tendencies.  Well, another big tick here. I swear she could read our thoughts.

Coffee at Crabapple Kitchen

Coffee at Crabapple Kitchen

Coffee was nice. Strong, neatly extracted and good length.

The food was pretty special. We started with the Sarny, a rich marriage of HP and aioli – On any other day I’d have snaffled the optional side of fries but I declined to my own personal detriment.

Jum and Bender Sarnie at Crabapple Kitchen

Jum and Bender Sarnie at Crabapple Kitchen

We followed that up with the pancakes. Whilst I do admit i fantasised about having such incredible quality ‘cakes with Apte’s orange infused ricotta and fresh fruit, CK’s infusion of banana, peanut praline, marscapone and maple syrup delivered the sort of warm fuzzy feelings that I crave in my Sunday morning opener.

Myrtleford Buttermilk Pancakes (Split Portion) at Crabapple Kitchen

Myrtleford Buttermilk Pancakes (Split Portion) at Crabapple Kitchen

Head on down to Crabapple Kitchen for the strange and unusual as well as a swag of the classics. My fingers are firmly crossed that one day they’ll introduce the pancakes to some orange ricotta and give Eggs Benedict a run.

Crabapple Kitchen
659 Glenferrie Rd Hawthorn
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