Captain Melville

It must have been fate…

Captain Melville-4…because with recent events, holidays and what-not it had been weeks since my last decent burger fix.. And i was pining for something truly memorable. Melbourne suffered through some some gale force winds and horrendous weather during late afternoon, so by the time I had my hair cut and got to JW’s new apartment in Southbank to check it out it was just after 8. Now, I won’t lie. I had some truly tremendous expectations of the rebirth of Miss Lib, and Shayne McCallum behind the reigns in the kitchen was going to ensure that they delivered. Captain Melville had been on the hit list for a little while now (Sorry J, my usual burger buddy, I feel like I have cheated on you!)  so with myself and JW having pretty much nothing in our guts due to anticipation, we made the short 3km track down to Franklin St and into the belly of the beast to tackle what truly read as an interesting burger.

Entrance to Captain MelvilleAs, on my many occasions to burger haunts in the past (Hux, Merrywell), we began with one of Brooklyn’s finest. I was a fan, JW not so much.

Brooklyn LagerNot feeling content with just the burgers, JW cased the menu and opted for the crispy fried chicken ribs, glued to the plate with some of the finest sriracha mayo I’ve yet tried.

Chicken RibsThese were a pretty interesting foray into the nights proceedings. The aroma as they were sat on the table was delectable. Such a medley of herbs, spices, and ‘just drove past a KFC’ addictiveness. These were great, a real tantaliser of an entree.. And that mayonnaise? Wow.. If anybody has any ideas if there is any reputable bottles out there, please, hit me up.

Next? Well, the draw card of course… The Captain’s Burger. Take a moment to digest the ingredients: 2 (Yes, two, though it’s not explicitly mentioned on the menu) Sher wagyu patties (And yes, I know these days it’s more of a marketing gimmick but these were genuine), double cheese, crispy bacon, tangy pickle, lettuce, and a Yarra Valley egg. Joining them together? Hands down the best brioche ever.

Captain's BurgerJust take a moment to marvel at what you see before you. It was genuine artwork on a plate, and I could go into a whole song and dance about how good it was but JW’s first words he managed to mutter when he had removed the glorious wonder juices from his face was “This is the best burger I have ever ate”. And you know what? His sentiments had merit. The brioche, to begin with, was the true highlight. Soft, a touch sweet, and with the trademark wash on the top which gave it an incredible sheen. It was like something straight out of a Vietnamese bakery.

The signature patties married beatifully to the creamy, sunny-side-up and oh-so-runny egg and the saltiness of the bacon pared beautifully with the decadence of the double cheese. If, I had to have one gripe, it was that they didn’t put the Sriracha mayo from the wings inside. But you know what? They probably don’t put it in because if they did the burger would be absolute perfection and there would be no need for any other thing on the menu. Alas.. Next time I’ll ask. Oh, without failing to mention the chips these were pretty good too. Hand cut and all. I still prefer french fries with my burger though.

Every so often a burger comes and along and presents the sorts of stuff you dream about long after. Captain Melville is that place. 2013’s new #1.

Captain Melville
34 Franklin St Melbourne Vic 3000
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