Made it to Roma!

Well, to say…

Pizza in Roma

The flight was smooth sailing (pardon the pun) would be the complete opposite. Delayed flights in Dubai meant we missed our connection in London Heathrow and as a result, were fortunate enough due to Usain Bolt like swiftness through the terminals to have rebooked on a flight an hour later. So, we touched down in Rome’s Fiumicino Airport around noon. Plenty of time, we thought, to make our way to Avis to collect our car and head on down to Armando al Pantheon, our first culinary destination.

Alas, due to typical Roman arrogance and a few long arguments later, we had to detour to collect the actual car we had reserved (not one they tried to offload at the last minute) so it wasn’t until 4pm (a good 6 or so hours behind schedule) that we managed to check into our hotel.

And, what are you going to find in Rome at that hour when you are craving your first meal in almost 24 hours? Overpriced touristy pizza and beer of course. It’s not going to win any awards, but here we are in the Eternal City.



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