Palatium, Roma

Sitting nestled..

Palatium 1


On a corner of Via Frattina just off the Spanish Steps is one of Rome’s modern day buried treasures. A Government sponsored Lazio regional eatery, Palatium serves dishes the region is known for such as Artichokes alla giuida and its seasonal menu changes often.

Palatium 7Once inside, an eclectic, modern affair is to be had with chic furnishings and a room full of camierieri who know their stuff and who aren’t hesitant to tell you what you should be ordering. 

Palatium 8The flip side to this all-Lazio food fare? It means the wines are too, and only produce of the area is allowed. What does that mean? Well, you’ll be disappointing yourself often, and even this one for €30, a blend of Shiraz, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Petit Verdot shows all the wrong ways to present a wine.

Palatium 5So.. How about the food? Well, it’s the real reason you will be here, and this entree of Tornarelli with Cacio Pepe and Black Truffle is sure to get the palate singing, and taste buds certainly tantalised. Absolutely incredible.

Palatium 6We followed this up with ripieni di manzo, layered filet mignon esque with prosciutto and filled with what tasted like taleggio – a great mixture of creaminess, saltiness and richness and cooked to perfection.

Palatium 4Served with? Chips of course.

Palatium 3We finished off with my ultimate dessert  – Tiramisu. This one, truly epic.

Palatium 2End result? An authentic Roman kitchen serving up modern, clean and upmarket regional fare. at €70 a head, it’s not going to be one of the cheaper meals you have in Rome, but you surely can’t put a price on satisfaction.

Via Frattina 94, Roma









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