Verace Pizza Shootout, Napoli

With one night in Naples…

Pizzeria da MicheleAnd 3 top pizzerie to try which do you pick? Trick question, of course.. You go to all three. Yes, that’s what dedicated folks do. What better way to judge Naples’ triple threat than doing them consecutively and judging each Margherita on it’s merits. The results? Presented here in reverse order.

3. Pizzeria Sorbillo

Pizzeria SorbilloGood dough, decent enough sugo and good cheese with low-medium charring and good texture. I actually had this at number 2 but the other two in the group (A and M) voted it third. Place was the quietest of the three, and for good reason. Not worth the revisit.

Pizzeria Sorbillo
Via dei Tribunali, 32  80138 Naples, Italy

2. Pizzeria di Matteo

Pizzeria di MatteoLocated in a hustle+bustle part of town Matteo is a pizzeria come tempura bar of sorts – Pizzas sit along side fried eggplant, and arancini. The pizza selection was great, we chose two here, a Margherita classic and one with mozzarella di bufala. Charring medium-high, but dough crust still nice and malleable. Lost marks for too much cheese – by the time it hit the table you could attach a diving board to one end and jump in.

Pizzeria di Matteo
Via dei Tribunali, 94, 80138 Naples, Italy

1. Pizzeria da Michele

Pizzeria da MicheleHad this first and came in with a pretty high expectation of quality. Expected to queue for hours but walked straight in and got a table in 3 minutes. Pizzas were ordered with beer and arrived soon after. Doubts were soon quashed. Pizza without a doubt the best the world has to offer, and it’s credibility and fame absolutely justified. It’s no wonder locals queue here for hours on end, and with only two pizzas on offer you would wonder why i suppose..

rome 4The answer is simple. Verace Pizza Napoletana is supposed to be simple and Da Michele is the original. At 4 euro a pizza + 2 for a beer, the value puts it in another category entirely.

rome 5Pizzeria da Michele
Via Cesare Sersale, 1-3, 80139 Naples, Italy


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