A Crianz, Potignano, Puglia

Out of the way…

puglia-2In a non-descript side alley, in a pretty non-descript town (Potignano) sits A’Crianz, a firmly Pugliese style of cooking with one big difference – it showcases alternate varieties of cuisine from lesser-known vegetables. That’s the difficulty of this next blog post, because I didn’t bring a notepad and 99% of the things we ate, I wouldn’t be able to recall the name of. So I will instead present a photo journal of everything on offer, and say that it may well be one of the finest restaurants in the region.

puglia-3No menus here, everything on offer is scribbled on the wall.



The fitout was so destinctly homely.


The dishes were brought out as they were ready, designed to share in centro.



Eggplant fritters were a delight. Just a slender batter which detracted nothing from the freshness of the filling.


Ricotta fresca, was an understatement in every sense – because it was so fresh; it almost couldn’t hold itself together. Other highlights on the plate were local mozzarella and even an onion marmalade.



How about the fava spread with local peppers that just oozed pimiento di padron?


Even something so under-utilised such as spring onions were presented in such a way that you could eat an entire plate.


This pasta: Rigatoni with cauliflower, pancetta and fresh black truffle just oozed class.


Or eggplant flan? Light, fluffly and infused with what must have been pecorino.


The piatto principale? Something a little left of field. Asino.. Or, as it’s known in the West: Donkey. Don’t cringe: It was cooked involtini, braised in a ragu and so typically pugliese.


A Crianz is the sort of place you would go cross town for. It delivers an experience that you need to fully understand the style of cooking in the region, and for me, presents the sort of place I would return to every time.

A Crianz
Porto Basento 8, Potignano, Puglia


One thought on “A Crianz, Potignano, Puglia

  1. Great pics Stef. Fresh regional produce, expertly prepared and quite healthy as a bonus. Yum. Sounds like my kind of food 🙂

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