Osteria Le Vecete, Verona

Confession time…

verona 5Osteria Le Vecete is not a place I visit every year I come to Verona; it is THE place. In the midst of Vinitalys bedlam, there are seldom places that can cope with the old town’s supreme demand when this wine event descends every year. It’s crazy. The event is now over 40 years old, and it’s as if the Italians still haven’t learned how to cope with the crowds. This is not just evident with how difficult it is to enter and exit the actual trade show, but in the restaurants that surround it also. Le Vecete is the exception to that rule. It serves up traditional Veronese dishes and how for many years now been an absolute pleasure to visit and dine at.

This year, we have eaten there 3 out of 4 nights and have not been disappointed once. If you take my advice, and indulge in the myriad types of pasta and antipasto you will not be disappointed. Whilst meat is offered, it’s not the restaurants strong point – they are there in my opinion merely for the sake of being there. It’s real strength lies in its supreme paste / risotti.

This time around, I couldnt make up my mind which pasta I was going to go for. So, the waitress decided we should pick three and do a micro degustazione. I went for the tortelli con burrata (Large parcels of pasta with fresh burrata cheese inside),  tortellini ripieno con carne (with assorted meat inside) both cooked with burro e salvia (butter and sage) and finally casarecce con salsiccia e melanzane (sausage and eggplant) cooked with a tomato sauce.

verona 4These were incredible. Each with their own flavour profile but no less delicious in their own way. Each of the dishes are offered in their entirety, but take my advice and ask for all three, especially if this is your only visit.

Next, I went for the real highlight – the restaurant’s real trump card. Risotto all’Amarone.

verona 3There is no real decision to be made here. If you enjoy risotto in Italy, you try the regions take on it. In Milan this is Risotto Milanese, and in Verona, it is all’Amarone. Cooked unbelievably simply with only a couple of ingredients (including a bottle of Amarone!) this is a true privilege to eat and none do it better than Le Vecete.

To finish, a pair of desserts, because of course I couldn’t make my mind up again! This time a Tiramisu sensa liquore e caffe (Without coffee or liquor) and a soufflé of white chocolate and mascarpone.

verona 2verona 1

All in all a fantastic night in Verona. It was not my first night at this restaurant, nor will it be my last. If you’re in the city of Romeo e Juliet, nothing will deliver more romance than Osteria Le Vecete.

Osteria Le Vecete
Via Pellicciai 32, Verona, Italia


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