The Spotted Mallard

Same day, same drill..

4K6A1794Off into Melbourne’s abyss with the unreachable task of continually indulging in burgers that impress us more than the last. This particular cold, windy Tuesday night saw myself, J, JW, and T take a journey along the unlikeliest of all places to get a burger fix: Sydney Rd. Known more for it’s unnecessary vandalism and continual “unfortunate” insurance fires, we thought we’d take the hint left by a friend and check it out.

Intially, when you board the high wooden stairs you’re transported into a jazz room of sorts, albeit one with an expansive seating arrangement and even more expansive ceiling line.

4K6A1796Sitting down, we thought we’d try the signature “Spotted Mallard Wagyu Beef and Bacon Burger”: A concoction of 200grams of Wagyu beef coupled with streaky bacon, gruyere, onions, pickles, chipotle mayo and brioche.

4K6A1797The verdict? I guess if you can give full marks to mediocrity, it would score perfectly. That’s not to say that this was a bad burger, ney, it was perfectly fine. Edging on the ‘fish ‘n chip’ (as opposed to American) take on hamburgers, it was adequately greasy (complete with grease-proof paper – a necessity) and the sort of chopped iceberg lettuce you’d expect on the corner shops of old. It’s just that, on this particular night, we’d expect more from a place that gained the fabled ‘Go Now!’ appellation on that burger blog, and unfortunately, it just didn’t live up to it. The patty? All class, cooked to perfection, medium pink and just itching to be eaten. It marries perfecly to the saltiness of the streaky bacon, and the gruyere cheese is unmissable. The chipotle mayo? I guess the peppers were more of an afterthought, as they were all-together forgotten about (And yes, i make my own). The triple cooked planks of potato, only seethe clientele because it’s all too easy to simply dry them out.. I’m still not convinced, and would have preferred the much more traditional french fries.

The good news? Under it’s current guise it’s only been open since 2012, so improvements and refinements are sure to be had. A starting point? Those damn chips. Whilst they’re not the only offenders (I still think Huxtaburger’s are awful, and everyone could take a leaf out of The Merrywell, or Beatbox) it’s sure to be one of those places, where if evolution keeps ticking along, it will be one to watch in the future.

Would I recommend it? Absolutely, if you’re in the area or keen to try something that doesn’t dare adventure beyond the tried and tested recipe for success then this place will leave you more than satiated.

The Spotted Mallard
314 Sydney Rd, Brunswick VIC
The Spotted Mallard on Urbanspoon


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