Ristorante La Gattabuia, Roma

After 24 hours in the air…

photo 1We weren’t feeling too adventurous when it came to researching dinner. After meeting with my sister B, and her husband D, we decided to take the short cab from Centro Storico in Rome to Trastevere, what was one a hip and trendy spot for local diners to escape the tirade of tourists and eat Roman soul food with themselves.

La Gattabuia serves up such local classics, but with their antique wood burning ovens also serve out a variety of pizzas including their trademark Gattabuia which includes porcini and truffle, and other classics such as brocoletti and salsiccia.

photo 4I went for my standard when in Italy, Margherita con prosciutto crudo.

photo 3It was a pretty straightforward number for Rome, extra thin crust that flakes as you eat with a nice and conservative dose of toppings and a high char (Perhaps too high).

They also serve some local tap, and artisan beers.

photo 5It’s perhaps a shame that the area has fallen victim to a swell of tourists, as invariably the food will be taken down a notch as a result. Maybe its Anthony Bourdain’s constant ramblings on The Layover (Roma Sparita is also in Trastevere). The food, however, was good. Worth the trip if you’re keen to see the area… Although perhaps not so if you are looking for something extra special. Sorry for the lame phone pictures, after travelling for so long I left my camera in the hotel room!

Ristorante La Gattabuia
Via del Porto 1, Trastevere Roma


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