Osteria Le Logge, Siena

In such a beautiful, historic town…

4K6A1863You’d actually be surprised to see just how hard it is to avoid the ‘tourist traps’ in many of these beautiful places. This one came recommended as not only a place to visit, but the place. Inside, low slung curves and buttresses line the roof and spectacular bottles of vino, including the houses own Gianni Brunelli label adorn the walls. The food offered is both a splice of local Tuscan flavours, with a left-of-field twist that sets them aside from your usual holiday fare.

The menus, handwritten and presumably therefore very dynamic, pair fresh seasonal produce with a bullet-proof wine list that will ensure whatever it is you’re chasing, you can find.

4K6A1868Classics such as tempura-battered zucchini flowers filled with ricotta will impress with their decadence…

4K6A1869While others such as the panzanella, a deliciously refreshing quintessentially Tuscan salad of bread and tomatoes topped with spoked Piemontese cheese will refresh on such a warm winters night.

4K6A1870Other antipasti such as the burrata cheese with avocado salad with insalata all’Acqua Minerale (Salad with sparkling water) meld contrasting textures to alarming success.

4K6A1871The mains, while likely to appeal to your adventurous side marry seasonal flavours you’d likely never even thought possible. One such derivative, the gnochetti porcini e mirtillo blends fresh (a real treat) porcini mushrooms, with blueberries. Yes, blueberries. The result? Unusually delicious, and again perfectly suited to the climate, and season they are served in.

4K6A1873Desserts continue the trend, even the classic tiramisu arrives deconstructed, with jellied amaretto cubes and an altogether absence of savoiardi.


I preferred this delightful vanilla creme filled cannolo with melted gianduja and hazlenut gelato was pure heaven.

If you only have one night to dine, don’t mind being a little adventurous, and want to try some local flavours with a truely outstanding wine list, Le Logge, just outside the main Piazza del Campo is the place to go.

Osteria Le Logge
Via del Porrione 33, Siena, Tuscany.


2 thoughts on “Osteria Le Logge, Siena

  1. one of my favorite places on earth. Did you get a chance to chat with Laura and/or Mirko? One of these days, we’ll all meet up in Siena and enjoy a meal there with Francesco. 🙂

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