Enoteca I Terzi, Siena

It’s rare on vacation…

photo 2to go two-for-two when it comes to stand out restaurants, but this one was not only recommended by our good friend and local Senese resident Francesco, but also visited when we stopped here in April. Bear in mind folks, when it comes to Tripadvisor, sometimes a mediocre rating is a blessing; especially when they come from a certain demographic and refer to Italian service. Anyone who’s travelled to Italy should shelve any thoughts of decent service – don’t rate any restaurant on this merit alone or else you will be bitterly disappointed. For this reason, and the point I’m trying to make is while the restaurant was full, it was full of locals.

We sat down to some antipasti consisting of contrasting flavours…

photo 3Insalata Caprese was refreshing and tribute to some amazing produce.

photo 1My eggplant flan was moist, creamy, and perfectly proportionate.

photo 4The zucchini risotto was also lovely, if a little rich, but enjoyable none-the-less.

photo 5The pici with ragout was delicious, but admittedly I had this last trip here. I have a feeling a little egg tossed through the pasta added a layer of creaminess which set it off perfectly. In true Northern style tomatoes were all-but-absent which let the quality of the meat sing. Oh so beautiful. Yum. 4 euros for the biggest glass of Vernaccia you have ever seen, backed up with a 6 euro glass of the same volume in Vino Nobile define value and finished this one off in one of the finest examples of Italian value you are likely to see. A definate visit, and if visiting in warmer periods, sit outside. You’ll love it.

Enoteca I Terzi
Via Dei Termini 7, Siena, Tuscany


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