Tin Lung Heen, Hong Kong

Some age-old expressions…

photo 1…Most notably, the ‘Home Team Advantage’ really hold true when it comes of upper echelon dining. What surely is the world most awarded (in terms of Michelin stars) City when it comes to Cantonese food, I honestly thought I had tried some rank contenders prior to this visit. Oh, how I was wrong.

photo 2Tin Lung Heen, set on the 102nd floor of the stunning Ritz-Carlton hotel in the bustling Kowloon area of the duopolis that is Hong Kong. I use this (made up) expression, because there is simply no other way to describe a city with such a split personality.

One minute you can be standing in the urban jungle that is the Island, replete with towering skyscrapers and endless interconnected shopping centres – The next, you’re in old town Kowloon. Classic, jam-packed and swimming in neon signs, millions of locals all seemingly on the street at the same time, and rafts of food and electronic vendors. It is the Asian equivalent of New York City, and this place doesn’t sleep either.

4K6A1930Back on topic, Tin Lung Heen’s signature dish is their Iberian Char Sui Pork which was a real standout and testament to Spanish quality and Cantonese culinary excellence.

4K6A1937The trademark Peking duck was also superb, we managed to nail half a duck from about a dozen pancakes, each craftily sliced in front of us.4K6A1941

Finishing off was fresh Wagyu beef with Chinese greens which was delectably tender.

4K6A1942And of course traditional Chinese fried rice, which they made for us as it didn’t appear on menu.

4K6A1939Wash it all down with one of the best wine lists in Hong Kong, with feature wines from all over the globe.

4K6A1926And you see why Tin Lung Heen is justfiably one of the best Cantonese experiences you are likely to have!

Tin Lung Heen
Ritz-Carlton, Kowloon, Hong Kong






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