Fresh alba white truffle, fabulous porcini

If an impending Christmas wasn’t enough…

porciniWorking in the food and wine industry also gives you a couple more guilty pleasures to look forward to. At this time of the year? It’s fabulously fresh porcini, air freighted in from Italy. I’ve eaten it in various forms the last couple of nights, but last night it got thrown in with my favourite bianco base.

tartufodinner7Onion, fresh pancetta, and some good old fashion peperoncino. While this sizzled away, was the perfect time to tuck into some antipasto

tartufodinner424 month aged Ruliano prosciutto di Parma, some of my favourite Roquefort, and a middle eastern olive bread made by my father.

tartufodinner5When everything is coming along nicely, some fettuccine are tossed through and a healthy drizzle of EVOO

tartufodinner3Then? The best part of all. Pasta – meet truffle.

tartufodinner2Let that infuse for a minute or two, while the main course gets sizzling.

tartufodinner6Veal Scallopini done right, is one of the most visceral pleasures one can have. The crisp acidity of white wine, sweet caramelisation from the veal and the sage sets it off.

tartufodinner1Some 24 month aged Parmigiano Reggiano on top, and buon appetito! 










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