The Beer and Burger Lounge

Nestled snuggly…

4K6A2170Down the drunk end of Swan St, an area few are likely to see short of an inebriated drinking session during AFL Season lies this quirky beer-lounge-meets-burger-bar  where the variety of ales on show is rivalled only by the pub grub on offer.

4K6A2172Sat behind the counter, lies the area where the magic happens. long rows of grillers and stoves show exactly what goes on beneath the menu right down to the salamander that is the secret to the crispy bun – the finished burger is sat inside it for a good minute to ensure no cheese remains unmelted.

4K6A2174We decided on identical numbers (Great for consistency in theory, but in reality its because we generally like all things the same right down to the type of girls we are allowed to date).  This particular sandwich came packed with a good quarter pound patty, lettuce, cheese, bacon, bbq sauce and a delectable brioche. Jettisoning the undercooked onion ring, we set out to tame our insatiable apetities.

Without question this is a quality burger. You don’t even have to eat the thing to realise. You could simply print a cutout of the above photo, season it with a bit of salt and pepper and eat it and the flavour would still burst through the page. Simple yet effective ingredients and an inch-perfect cook time are all you really need. And one of the biggest factors; a brioche bun that is mated dimensionally perfect to the patty it houses.

4K6A2175Add to this some frozen potato planks which were fine, if not overly impressive.. And you have a pretty comprehensive package. So, if you find yourself in the area, and you want a quality burger fix, head on down to the BBL. You won’t be disappointed.

The Beer and Burger Lounge
112 Swan St, Richmond VIC 3121
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