Charcoal Grill on the Hill

Every so often…

It’s not the new startups, off spins or popups.. Every so often, the one you have been missing out on is sitting under your nose.

Such is the case with Charcoal Grill on the Hill, a Kew mecca that has, for years now, been serving locals with their famous cuts of meat cooked over their proprietary broiler.

The wine list, which is among the best listed in Australia, will have enough on it to see you pick out a different bottle on each visit through the remainder of your lifetime. The food, a focused yet extensive list of cuts ranging from porterhouse to eye from standard (Brilliant) to waygu (Sublime). Co-owner and Master Sommelier Dejan Derbogosijan is quick to point out that the Wagyu on offer is the real deal, 300+ day aged meats cured on site, not like many of the imitations on offer around town.

Even the starters, such as the famed Chevap’s are from Wagyu trimmings and are salty, decadent slabs of beef that could be the sole focus in and to themselves. I am salivating purely at the prospect of one day convincing Dejan to turn them into a signature burger, as countless Chefs have done all over the world with their proprietary grinds. This friends, was shaping up to be a stellar evening.

photo 6.49.54 pm


Our cuts, identical slabs of Porterhouse served Medium Rare (On Dejan’s almost insistence) was cooked to absolute perfection. The meat, tender enough to dissolve in your mouth quicker than an Alka-Seltzer was tender, creamy and very juicy. The barebones meat is accompanied by some fantastic steak fries and a side salad for the health conscious. This paired beautifully to a 2006 Pondalowie Special Release Shiraz served in the largest and sexiest shiraz glasses I’ve yet seen.

We finished off with a coffee, and sat back simply in awe of what had occurred in front of us over the course of the evening.

Why then, it has taken me 27 years to get down there is somewhat absurd. Such is the case, that the entire time I was sitting there shaking my head at J. This review, somewhat disjointed because I had opted to leave the camera at home should serve as a signpost for those in a similar circumstance as me. I don’t have the quality photos that this review deserves, but jump on the website if you need the relevant food porn. But go one better, and make a reservation here (Well in advance). It will be truly memorable.

Charcoal Grill on the Hill
289 High St, Kew Vic 3101
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