I must admit…


Things have been a little quiet on the blogging front. My Instagram account has been getting the most love lately with Boccaccio taking up the majority of my blogging time – though I hope to get back into some regularity, and what better place to begin than our journey to Lazerpig.

At first glance you’d be forgiven for thinking this place churns out anything other than mixed grills and bar nuts in a glass – but step inside (Past the neon swine sign) and you’re immediately transported into retro-chic, complete with open fire and chequered table clothes. Lucky I wasn’t wearing my work shirt of the same pattern or the wait staff may have served the meal on my shoulders. On the topic of wait staff, therein lay my only real gripe with this place. The service was a bit too relaxed for me. 45 minutes a bit long to wait, but in the end it was worth it – read on.

We started with with another on our hit list – the wagyu cheeseburger. Plain and simple grass fed patty on brioche.

There are some instances where you can be let down by something so beautiful, but we knew when picking up this gorgeous slab of protein and taking in the smell, and the feel, we knew that it was going to be special. And it was. This burger was rich, creamy decadent and in perfect balance. We didn’t even add bacon or double down on the patties.

Guess who just stole #1 Burger of 2015? Yep, you betcha.

Feeling content, we realised these guys also do artisan Neapolitan pizzas. By that I mean they have their own sourdough culture, practise long fermentation (72 hours) and bake in a wood oven.

I was a bit skeptical with Neapolitan and 72 hours. This I’ve noticed always means the dough goes in the fridge. With sourdough culture, and such short bake times in the wood oven, this almost always results in a crust that can get gummy. 48 hours for me is the sweet spot, and while these crusts were still very light and malleable, they did suffer a little bit.

Nevertheless, having my own culture, I couldn’t leave without trying them – albeit with a little bit of trepidation. After all, could a place really do a good burger and pizza?


We were floored. The pizzaiolo, obviously skilled, had made such fantastic beautiful cornicione. They sat about an inch deep and the leopard-laden crust was testament to authentic sourdough. The salami and olives were superb.


We finished with a prosciutto – my personal go-to favourite. San Daniele and buffalo mozzarella married perfectly.

So Lazerpig for us was a serious winner. It’s a relaxed, cozy, and (in winter) perfectly homely with an open fire. Go for a pizza, go for a burger, or – if you are as hell set on obesity as we are – why not go for both?

9-11 Peel St, Collingwood


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